7 easy tips to get energised in the morning

7 easy tips to get energised in the morning

As LYS Technologies is working hard to improve the actionable tips and feedback we offer our LYS 1.0 users, we thought to share some of the fascinating insights we have learnt along the way, to keep you energised in 7 easy steps.

Starting the day right can be hard at times, with all kinds of factors standing in the way of a smooth morning. From alarm clock snooze buttons to overindulgence in quick stimulants. Below is a quick list of tips to help you improve your morning routine and get more energy at the start of the day.


Do not Snooze your alarm

Extending your alluring sleep by an extra 5 minutes or so is irresistible, but do try to overcome the urge. According to sleep expert Timothy Morgenthaler, "most sleep specialists think that snooze alarms are not a good idea." The danger of snoozing is that if you fall back into a deep sleep, you won't be able to complete the sleep cycle. This will make you groggy and sleepy from the very first hours of your day and could take hours to recover from. 

Stretch, stretch, stretch

Avoid the urge to stay curled up in a comforting ball before you leave the bed. According to Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy, the very gesture of stretching your body and expanding the physical space you take up in your surroundings can help to build confidence to kickstart your day.

Open the curtains wide and look outside

On a sleepy morning there’s a cosy atmosphere that comes with keeping the lights dim and the curtains shut, but reversing this will benefit you by boosting your energy levels almost immediately. Try opening the blinds as soon as you've hopped out of bed and look out of the window for a moment to increase your energy levels even more.  

Do not check your phone

In fact, can you sleep with your phone outside of your bedroom? We get it, sleeping close to your phone has many perks, an inbuilt alarm clock is one, and switching back onto your email and social instantaneously is another. But if you can, use a separate alarm clock and keep your phone far away from you in the morning.

Instead of coffee, have breakfast by the window

We now know that our bodies naturally produce higher amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which regulates energy in the first few hours after you wake up. So the longer you can hold off that first mug of coffee the more time you are allowing your body to run through its natural process. What’s more is that once you get your body used to the injection of caffeine in the morning, it will begin to produce less cortisol, making you depend on coffee further.

Challenge your way to work

Can you walk, run or cycle to work? If your morning routine has some time in it to head out for a morning walk, or even change your journey to work, we suggest you try it out to see how it affects your energy levels. Sitting down inside darkened public transport first thing in the morning can make you sleepy again — try to avoid environments that prompt sleepiness.

Keep your habits

While we like to shake things up in our day to day, it’s been proven that maintaining your morning habits constant can help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Behavioural researchers say that our willpower capacity isn’t an indefinite resource, instead there is a certain amount available to us every day. When you exhaust it early on in the day trying to decide what to do next, less will be available to you later on in the day. 

In the morning, let your brain run on automatic and reserve those mental resources for when you really need them.