Maintain a healthy circadian rhythm

LYS is a health tracker that helps you maintain a natural sleep/wake cycle alongside your urban lifestyle. 

Get more energy + sleep better, naturally

The LYS wearable tracks light and the LYS app gives insights on circadian stimulus.

Stay motivated + get inspired

Get actionable feedback with the LYS app on how to improve your habits in a natural way. The LYS app will empower you to measure and manage your personal light intake.

Minimalistic scandinavian design + advanced technology 

With the elegant and discreet design, LYS blends seamlessly into your lifestyle. The stainless-steel clip makes the wearable versatile and comfortable to wear all day.

If you spend most of your time indoors illuminated by artificial light or if you suffer from seasonable affective disorders (SAD) this wearable is for you.

We will be launching the product in fall 2017.