A little more about us

Founded in London 2016 with a mission to reimagine how we live and work indoors, LYS Technologies works across wearable technology, data aggregation and analysis and circadian rhythm research. 

Our team is made up of designers, engineers, developers, data-analysts and writers. Together we are working to simplify and make accessible discussions around circadian rhythms. To put it simply, we are working to tackle global sleep disruption by changing people's relationship to the non-visual affects of  light. 

AT LYS Technologies we are focused on the non-visual effects of light

Light controls our circadian rhythms, telling our body when to be awake and alert and when to prepare for sleep. We are determined to help people get the right light at the right time to maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle.


We believe that people should not adapt to their indoor environments, but rather, the other way around. 

We use light as a tool to improve sleep and energy levels for a new generation of healthier indoor dwellers.