Advance your research with the LYS Button 1.0 sensor, app and data services. The technology has been developed to be affordable and easy to use, letting you focus on the important bits: analysis and interpretation. 


Start your research immediately by deploying devices to test participants. Connect the devices via Bluetooth to one of our two apps to collect your data, LYS Insight or LYS Collect. 


Connect one device with the LYS Insight app and grant your users access to real-time insight of light stimulus, daily goals as well as a 7-day Light Diet programme to compare light intake with users' perceived sleep and energy levels. Or connect several devices simultaneously to one phone with the LYS Collect app. Ideal for research in care homes or in facilities where not all participants have phones. 


Analyse your data from LYS' user-friendly CSV file exports, emailed directly to you. We deliver CSV format files with a 15 second sampling rate. We prepare the data for you so that you can focus on the analytics immediately.

“The advantage of the LYS Button is that it’s attractive to use and LYS makes it affordable and easy for me to collect data on a large scale for my research.” – Forrest Webler, PhD, EPFL

1. CSV

CSV file format exports

2. 24 hour

Discrete device for real-life data collection

4. 15 min sampling rate

Data collected at a 15 seconds timestamp

What kind of data can I collect with the LYS device?

• RGB values • Kelvin values • Lux values • Activity (3 axis accelerometer)

What kind of data can I collect with the LYS app?

• Chronotype • Age • Gender

Use the 7 day Light Diet programme to collect further information:

• Chronotype • Perceived sleep • Perceived energy levels • Before/After comparisons • Health and well-being reports • KPI reports

Clients using LYS For research

"Hawkins\Brown are using LYS Technologies light-measuring wearable devices to gather information on the type of light that individual occupants are being exposed to as they move around buildings, in order to help us further understand how the design of natural and artificial light in buildings can influence wellbeing, mood and activities. Working with LYS also allows for the opportunity to test new digital technologies for research and to investigate new ways of analysing the performance and use of spaces." - Xuhong Zheng, Architect, Hawkins Brown