When it comes to sleep, businesses are finally waking up

It seems that no matter where you look, businesses are doing everything they can to improve their customers’ sleep. And I don’t blame them – as we’re coming out of an era that favours hard work over downtime, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that sleep is important, not just for each and every one of us, but for businesses too.

Have a quick flick through just about any corporate business website and soon enough you’ll stumble on the ‘sleep’ section of the company and what actions it plans on taking to benefit the sleep of its consumers. Ikea recently launched its ‘Win at Sleeping’ campaign, featuring a captivating and impeccably made advert filled with sleepless people who discover sleep through Ikea objects – users can then shop from the array of sleep related products featured in the advert, from bedding, to mattresses and even smart lighting devices. Virgin Atlantic on the other hand have teamed up with the Sleep Council to release a guide to good sleep while travelling. Some of the content is, expectedly, common sense, but aspects of it might be tips that would have otherwise been overlooked, such as keeping your night routine when you fly in order to sleep better on the go.

The UK hotel company Premier Inn is also dipping its fingers into the sleep economy, with its Good Night Guarantee return policy on every night not well spent inside the Premier Inn hotel room and bed. From hotels to airlines and even furniture, the sleep economy is revealing its lucrative foundations and at the same time shaking everyone’s awareness to the importance of sleep – at home and on the go.

Realising the importance of sleep is a first step, but this awareness is not yet a cause for celebration. There is a desperate need to not only introduce the importance of sleep back into our lifestyles, but to continuously create dialogue around it. Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post – and also more recently the mind behind Thrive Global – is on a mission to educate businesses on the crucial aspect sleep plays in their employees lives. Investing in sleep rebalancing can no longer be sectioned as ‘holistic’ or even ‘alternative’ treatment, it is an urgent wellbeing matter that needs to have a place in every workplace and business model.

Sometimes when a herd moves one way, it’s worth to think if you should go the other. But when it comes to sleep, businesses are finally waking up.