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How is the 24 hour day cycle calculated?

In the app, the 24 hour clock indicates your 24 hour cycle: from your wake up to wake time. To fit within urban lifestyles we believe that individuals day and night cycles should be measured by personal routines rather than a dictated 24 cycle. LYS gives you tips to make the most of your 24 hour cycle.


I can’t pair my LYS wearable with the app

Let’s start with the basics: please make sure that the charger is plugged into a power source, then check that the bluetooth connection is enabled on your phone. Make sure that the light on the LYS sensor is on, and that the LYS light is beating in a heartbeat pattern. When the app is ready, follow the instructions in the app, press down the button on the charging station for 3 seconds and wait for the app to ask you to pair.


What is the NOW function?

The NOW function shows you the light stimulus you are exposed to in real-time, feeding directly into the Sleepy-Energised bar to tell you how this light is affecting your body. Try covering the LYS wearable to see how quickly it responds.


What is the DAY function?

Everything you need to know about your 24 hour cycle, your light intake and your goals is inside the DAY function. This page is an overview of the data LYS collects throughout each day, beautifully visualised around the 24 hour clock so you can easily see levels of light intake, your wake up and bedtime marks and where you are in the clock.


What does the the Morning Light goal mean?

In order to kick start your day you need to be exposed to 100 Light Stimulus during the first 30 minutes after your wake up time. This goal bar helps you visualise your progress.


What does the Day Light goal mean?

It is recommended to get as much light stimulus as possible during the mid day hours of your cycle to maintain energy throughout the day and avoid afternoon fatigue. Try to maintain a well lit environment around you, this can be either natural or artificial light. Get at least 120 minutes at 70-100 Light Stimulus to reach your goal.


What does the Night Light goal mean?

Scientific research indicates that avoiding high intensity blue wavelengths of light before bedtime can help sleep quality and reduce falling sleep time. Your Night Light goal has been created to help you avoid harmful blue light wavelengths at night. To reach the minimum recommended goal, try to maintain exposure to Light Stimulus of 0-30 in the 120 minutes before you set bedtime.


What is the Light Diet?

The Light Diet is a customised 3 week diet plan to help you visualise how your light intake is directly affecting your perceived sleep quality and perceived energy levels. During the diet course we will send you customised nudges and questions to help you improve your light intake. Try it out!


How can I tell the colour and intensity of the light I’m exposed to?

On the NOW feature, intensity is measured from 0-100 units of Light Stimulus. The bars that fluctuate around the circle help to visually indicate the intensity. The tones of the bars indicates the colour of the light you are currently exposed to. You can also see the intensity and colour in the same way on your 24 hour clock.


I want to turn off notifications from the LYS app

Simply go to your phone Setting, in applications find the LYS app and disable notifications.


How do I turn off bluetooth on my LYS wearable?

Open the LYS app and select My Wearable inside the menu bar. Select Bluetooth off. When you wish to turn Bluetooth on again, simply dock the LYS device into the charger and it will automatically register the LYS and turn Bluetooth on again.


How often do I need to connect the LYS app to my wearable?

As long as the Bluetooth switch is on inside the LYS app and on your phone, LYS will log data to the app in the background. If you wish to turn off Bluetooth on your phone for a while, LYS is designed to store data on the sensor for 18 hours.


What does the button on the charger do?

The button on the top surface of the charger is for pairing when you first receive your LYS device. Check ‘I can’t pair my LYS wearable with the appfor more information on pairing. The button can also be used to turn off the light on the wearable while charging. Simply press once to turn the heartbeat light on the device on and off.


How can I see my light data from previous days?

Simply press the arrow at the top of the DAY screen to go back in time.


The lid for the docking station doesn’t close when the USB charger is plugged in

That’s because we designed LYS to measure the light in your surrounding while you charge the device. Try setting it to charge at night while you sleep and collect data on the quality of light in your bedroom. Use the lid to protect the LYS wearable when on the go.


What is the lid for?

The lid is for when you have to transport LYS 1.0. It is designed to cover the USB port, making sure dust doesn’t get into the electronics. We were inspired by an old fashioned box design as we like the non-tech feeling of the lid. Simple and beautiful.


How long should the LYS battery life last?

LYS was designed to last at least 7 days on a single charge! The battery of the LYS device should last an average of 8 days. Frequent use of the app will consume more battery.


Where should I wear my LYS for the most accurate reading?

You should wear the LYS as close to your eyes as possible. Because the sensors inside the LYS device are essentially replicating the non-visual photoreceptors in your eyes, for best results, LYS should be clipped on your collar, shirt pocket, necklace or anything else that maintains it as close to the face as possible and facing in the same direction as your eyes.


Will I get more exposure to light by rolling up my sleeves in the sun?

Your skin will get more exposure but it won’t affect your circadian rhythm. Light stimulus is only measured by your eye’s non-visual light sensing cells. These cells detect the quality, colour, intensity and duration of light, and how it affects your body and brain.  


Will I lower the light stimulus I receive if I wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses will have an effect on the intensity of the light you are receiving through the eyes. But as sunlight can reach up to 100,000 lux and the circadian system is only affected until approximately 1,500 Lux, it will not make a difference for your light stimulus.


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