Offer your team a LYS Button 1.0 to improve sleep and boost energy levels.


Users learn about their light habits and gain insights into ways to improve their sleep and energy levels. 


The Light Diet corporate well-being programme is a data-driven approach to simple behaviour change with measurable results on users’ sleep quality and energy levels.

Benefits for employees
• Reduced afternoon fatigue
• Evaluation of peak productivity times in each users’ 24-hour cycle measurement
• Personalised lifestyle reports with actionable tips

Benefits for employers
• Lead your company’s well-being programme based on new technology
• Reduce sleep disruption related sick days and increase productivity
• Access aggregated and anonymised workforce reports to optimise you teams and improve productivity

1. Goals

Educational and science driven programme that tackles sleep issues, SAD, lack of energy and afternoon fatigue

2. Behaviour change

Personalised individual reports for employees and aggregated group reports for the workforce

2. Behaviour change

Facilitate behaviour change, receive measurable results and pinpoint risks in the workforce

What is a Light Diet?

A Light Diet is an in-depth analysis of user's light intake, highlighting the impact light intake has on their sleep and energy levels. The personalised reports give tangible recommendations on how to improve energy levels and sleep using daily goals and tailored nudges. 

The Light Diet is a data-driven approach to tackling sleep disruption based on scientific research in the field. 

Measure results and lead with data. 

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