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Introducing the world’s first wellbeing programme designed to take care of your circadian rhythm.

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How it works

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Improve your sleep and boost your productivity with the power of light

The perfect tool to find your rhythm whilst working from home

1. Measure

Track your light intake with the LYS Button, a wearable light sensor.

2. Learn

Discover the light you need based on your personal sleep-wake cycle.

3. Review

Find out how to improve your sleep and productivity with in-depth Light Diet® reports.

Maintain a consistent daily rhythm

Light has a powerful effect on your internal clock. Use LYS to avoid drifting and stay in sync with a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

Improve your sleep

Artificial lighting and the blue light from screens can wreak havoc with your sleep. Make sure you are getting the right light for restful sleep to keep your immune system strong.

Boost your productivity

Not getting enough light during the day can leave you feeling flat and rundown. Understand and adapt the light in your new working environment to stay alert throughout the day.

Powered by data. Designed for people.

Why Light?

A bright idea backed by science

Inspired by the latest research in sleep science, LYS focuses on the most important factor affecting your sleep and energy levels: your exposure to light.

As we adapt to a new world of remote working, many people feel that their daily rhythm is disturbed and out of sync. More than ever, it’s a struggle to get the light we need to stay happy, healthy and productive.

How does it work?

The Light Diet® is a 2 week in-app programme that uses a wearable light sensor to analyse your exposure to light.

With insightful tips and advice, the programme will guide you to the right light at the right time of day.

Using Machine Learning technology, the Light Diet® constantly improves as it learns more about your light intake. Go through multiple wellbeing programmes to see how light affects you throughout the year.

Your subscription to the LYS Light Diet® gives you:

  • • Personal statistics and increased knowledge of your unique sleep-wake cycle

  • • Real-time analysis of your light intake

  • • Detailed reports with advice and tips on how to improve.

£49 - LYS Button

£6 per month - Light Diet® programme